The company

The company was founded in 1980 and the initial capital was 200.000 drachmas. After continuous increases of the capital the company converted into a limited liability company with capital that in 2001 came up to 6.000.000 euro.The presence of the company in the market is very successful; it is regarded as one of the most important business in the west Greece and one of the biggest in the prefecture of Elia concerning employment and exports.
The management is fluctuating in very high levels, as a result the increasing pace of the economical sizes became unusually high for a Greek company.
The company has created and applied internal quality control system (according to the prototype ISO 9002). It is also entitled with certificates for the production of ecological products
In this way we succeeded a production with stable quality and according to the prototypes. The products cover the demands of markets with high quality standards (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, USA, Canada, etc)
The presence of the company in the region is an important factor of economic development as it employees more than 200 families, while in the last 10 years the employment of the company was quadrupled. Today 110 people work within the company. Furthermore an important number of tradesmen (approximately 100) cooperate with the company.

The departments operating in the company are the following:

  • Department of design and new product development
  • Department of digital design
  • Department of embroidery production
  • Finishing and dyeing department
  • Department of yarn production
  • Department of production of elastic and stable fabric for stinging

The tendency of the increasing turnover is very high and proves the company’s successful policy in the market. The increasing tendency of exports is higher than the one of the sales. Between the time period 1988 to 2002 the sales increased 16 times and the exports 32 times. The share of the exports in the total volume of the sales in 1988 was 45% and in the 2002 was increased by 59%. The enormous increase of the exports towards the countries of the west Europe proves the high quality and aesthetic value of the final products as well as the conveyors open business perception.
The growth in the sales is combined with a parallel increase of the investments, which mostly are financed by the conveyors with an increase of the company’s funds. The above production index combined with the continuously profitable results and the perfect liquidity provide the capability of an extra increase of the turnover without having any specific problem of financing this increase with floating capital of permanent character.