The success of our company is due to the inseparable cooperation of our departments. Every section operates with the most contemporarory drawing programmes and equipment. The responsible personnel have received a fully technical training that gives the ease to the company to provide instant service to its clients and a variety of designs as well as the possibility to materialize every demand of the clients. These are the departments of the company:

A team of internal and external collaborators create, twice a year a new collection, considering the new trends (autumn-winter, spring-summer).

A team of skilful young people make productive the creations of the designers preparing the programming for stinging.

This department equipped with the most modern and dynamic programmes, creates the programs with which the stinging machines are operating.

18 stinging machines of new technology, that operate 24 hours a day, produce embroideries of high quality by absolutely specialised personnel.

In this department we produce warp knitted fabrics like nets, stable and elastics, microfibre and warp knitted fabrics.

Yarns are produced from filament yarn by the most specialised machines of the kind.

In this department we dye and finish all the fabrics that are intended for stinging as well as the stinging fabrics, ensuring the best possible dye quality and durability using the most friendly ingredients to the environment and the fabrics, having obtained ecotest standard 100 certified by a German institute, though.